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Programs and soft for phones
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[In our site is 104 programs, on this page programs for all, 40 pt.
sorted by rating ]

Program SMS-Gate  for All

[category: All]
The simple, convenient and reliable program for sending free-of-charge Sms-MESSAGES. The sms-version, but works trouble-free! lates version 3.0
Rating this program: 30000 pt.
See details and download this program...

Program MIDway 2.6 for All
MIDway 2.6

[category: All]
MIDway 2.6
MIDway - the program for download in phone of Java-programs directly from a computer, by means of a special cord. It is useful to those who for use of the mobile Internet through WAP or GPRS should pay noticeably greater money rather than for use of the Internet usual.
Rating this program: 23320 pt.
See details and download this program...

Program Colorful Movie Editor v4.0  for all
Colorful Movie Editor v4.0

[category: all]
Colorful Movie Editor v4.0
The program for creation of video of clips and films for phones, the editor of video and audio of paths. Vbor formats and expansions it is huge. Support: AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG-4, RM, WMV, ASF, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, BMP, GIF, JPEG, MP3, WAV, MIDI, WMA and other formats.
Rating this program: 22884 pt.
See details and download this program...

Program Yamaha Converter WAV 2 MMF for All
Yamaha Converter WAV 2 MMF

[category: All]
Yamaha Converter WAV 2 MMF
Does combined voice (WAV + MMF) melodies for cellular Now SFX. Wav write down on the personal computer, with the specified parameters - you can use it on phone.
Rating this program: 22433 pt.
See details and download this program...

Program GPRSBooster  for All

[category: All]
The program for economy of the traffic. It is useful at on minute to payment for GPRS. GPRSBooster the program for your acceleration the Internet-connection. The essence in the following - GPRSBooster will readdress inquiries of your browser to the server, and that in turn gives you already kompressirovannyj the traffic.
Rating this program: 19579 pt.
See details and download this program...

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