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Mobile phone game Yetisports Part 8
Our unruly yeti Jeti all over the world is wound: it has visited and hot Africa - where was engaged in not trivial golf, and in snow Austria - where comprehended elements of snowboarding, and in the Australia filled in by the sun - where trained penguins in art of flight. Here only the leg of our adventurer did not go into the grounds of South America still!
genre game: arcade

Game added :31 июля 2005 year
game rating: 80643 points

Mobile phone game Adidas All-star Football
You sometime thought of what will turn out if in one football match to collect stars of this kind of sports from England, Spain and Italy? If wish to find the answer to a similar question load this sports simulator, receive the information necessary to you and we shall get invaluable experience!
genre game: sport

Game added :31 июля 2005 year
game rating: 96273 points

Mobile phone game ExcreMAN
On a mobile phone you could dream of such game only - a tremendous gameplay, amazing the schedule and most прикольные sound effects. Very beautiful аркадная the game stuffed by every possible obstacles. Купить по смс иру можно тут
genre game: arcade

Game added :16 июня 2005 year
game rating: 93690 points

Mobile phone game Conflict Vietnam
Company Synergenix Software has let out the next game devoted to military actions in Vietnam. Game refers to Conflict: Vietnam
genre game: strategy

Game added :16 июня 2005 year
game rating: 50976 points

Mobile phone game Skid City
Usual races on cars on city
genre game: racing

Game added :16 июня 2005 year
game rating: 89890 points

Mobile phone game Dominion
In the past - the ordinary soldier of the United Nations, in the present - last hope of mankind to survive …
genre game: arcade

Game added :17 мая 2005 year
game rating: 39208 points

Mobile phone game Elope
Mary does not wish to marry Jack. It wants for Rendi! Help this run away bride to get away from the old men. They throw in it pieces of a pie, trying to not give it to leave.
genre game: strategy

Game added :17 мая 2005 year
game rating: 53861 points

Mobile phone game Fear Factor / Фактор страха
Whether it is possible to supervise the fear - animal, penetrating to the core, braiding your muscles penetrating to the core in spasmes? It is easy for learning in the second game from a series " the Factor of Fear ". This time you are waited with test by water.
genre game: arcade

Game added :17 мая 2005 year
game rating: 75487 points

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