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Mobile phone game Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Well-known Baffi, the murderer of vampires, on your screens! Game is made on motives popular tele-and a film-serial. On a plot of game, Oz, friend Baffi, has turned in oborotnja. Villain Drazilla has enticed it in the networks and wishes to use Oza as the weapon against our heroine, Baffi. But far from it. Baffi - Murderer Vampirov. Play for it, go to lock Drazilly, find Oza and naderi zadnitsu to all vampires and demons who will dare to rise at you on a way!
genre game: arcade

Game added :15 октября 2005 year
game rating: 48296 points

Mobile phone game X-Twins Jasmine
It is necessary to find pairs pictures if all will find that on a back background in this game will appear the naked girl
genre game: erotic

Game added :15 октября 2005 year
game rating: 84461 points

Mobile phone game Block Breaker
Remake of classical games Breakout/Arkanoid. You operate ракеткой and beat off a ball, котороый breaks "кирпичики" on a game floor. From time to time bonuses drop out of the broken blocks: a magnet, rockets, acceleration/delay of a ball, reduction/increase ракетки.
genre game: strategy

Game added :03 октября 2005 year
game rating: 47568 points

Mobile phone game Banjo-Kazooie
Malicious Gruntilda has stolen hen Kazui and has imposed on it zakljatie, destroy which the strong and sincere friendship can only. On rescue of the best friend bear Bandzho sends. Dangerous travel is necessary to it and many difficulties will drop out. But Bandzho does not hesitate, in fact having settled accounts with Gruntildoj and having collected all splinters zakljatija, it can return the friend on whom it so strongly misses!
genre game: arcade

Game added :03 октября 2005 year
game rating: 55162 points

Mobile phone game Sven 004
Of what lambs on a floor dream? About the beautiful and courageous ram. And it also is glad to try. Zabojnaja game for adult all age. Operating the ram, it is necessary to catch and make happy as much as possible lambs. Help them to find simple ovecheskoe happiness. They for what will not consult! And time so a little.
genre game: arcade

Game added :03 октября 2005 year
game rating: 63632 points

Mobile phone game 4x4 Extreme Rally
4x4 Extreme Rally a simulator rallijnyh races on a cross-country terrain. The player in a role of the race driver needs to take part in the world championship of cars 4Õ4. The championship passes on 9 lines in three regions (Sahara, Norway and Germany).
genre game: racing

Game added :03 октября 2005 year
game rating: 79452 points

Mobile phone game Dungeon Warrior 3D
Real 3D Shooter!
genre game: shooter

Game added :03 октября 2005 year
game rating: 113519 points

Mobile phone game Zuma
The main character of this entertaining puzzle - an ancient stone idol-frog of the Zoom! And it means, that you should be at war with circumstances in an image of so uncommon character …
genre game: arcade

Game added :31 июля 2005 year
game rating: 132914 points

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