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Mobile phone game FIFA 2003. Футбол
Battle on a football field, to Argentina supporting a command of Switzerland, participating in the world championship on football. It is possible to play for various commands, and in the various championships. Itself to build the plan of attack for the opponent, to give a pass to the player and to organize defense of own gate. So given пагер all can practically too most as desktop, add in a contact-sheet of new users, send and accept messages, all so to say on the adult
genre game: sport

Game added :12 марта 2004 year
game rating: 27848 points

Mobile phone game Snowboard X
Downhill racing on a snowboard on abrupt hillsides will carry away everyone. But be close, suddenly appeared fur-tree will bring many efforts during descent. In the beginning levels of the beginner and the average sportsman are open, but in process of a set of experience and professionalism you have a real chance to participate already in more complex descents. Such excellent in a class of sports still it is necessary to look for schedules. There is a support of color.
genre game: sport

Game added :12 марта 2004 year
game rating: 27553 points

Mobile phone game Townsmen
Have appeared a picture to completely new game "Townsmen". You should prove the administrative qualities, having headed small town. "Townsmen" includes a building complex and a control system of economy (extraction of meal and minerals, and also trade). Your purpose is to transform small fish port in small city with excellent economy. But unfortunately sometimes your city to visit hurricanes and new buildings.
genre game: strategy

Game added :11 марта 2004 year
game rating: 92938 points

Mobile phone game Super Mario
Super Mario Brothers It is one of the most known and popular games which have been made for various platforms and PC computers. Times vary and now we can play in it on mobile phone Siemens. Jump more cautiously, collect coins and pass one level behind another. Nostalgia on the childhood to you is provided. In phones S60 probably. Disconnect switch off the backgrounds.
genre game: arcade

Game added :10 марта 2004 year
game rating: 256487 points

Mobile phone game Rabbit 2 Counter Attack
Rabbit has climbed up a high tree with an onions in paws and shoots arrows on the wolves jumping from breakage. But they are not silly and jump on balloons, having reached a surface of the ground wolves, direct on a tree to dump downwards the offender.
genre game: arcade

Game added :10 марта 2004 year
game rating: 28656 points

Mobile phone game Alien Hunter
During game it is necessary to escape from malicious little men who try to gobble up you. With the help of a magic wand it is possible to dig traps in the ground, getting in them persecutors perish. But be protected traps are dangerous and to you.
genre game: arcade

Game added :10 марта 2004 year
game rating: 20194 points

Mobile phone game Atlantis 2097
Goes 2097, humanity almost is completely flooded with a Flood of which so foretellers of all times long frightened. And only the brave command in structure of the present heroes has got into a submarine and tries to be lowered on the bottom of Atlantic. But, not having calculated speed of immersing it is possible to be broken about underwater rocks, thus, having buried at the bottom hope for rescue of all humanity.
genre game: arcade

Game added :07 марта 2004 year
game rating: 31303 points

Mobile phone game Blocks
Game is like tetris, only it is necessary to collect identical letters in a horizontal or vertical line to release a place for the following party of letters.
genre game: logic

Game added :06 марта 2004 year
game rating: 18447 points

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