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Mobile phone game Eon Dragon Game
As a young dragon you embark o­n a journey through 14 levels full of misterious and deadly enemies.
genre game: arcade

Game added :15 марта 2004 year
game rating: 30862 points

Mobile phone game The Italian Job Game
Based o­n the hit movie from Paramount, “The Italian Job” is an exciting blend of top-down racing and heart-stopping action. Driving a super-fast Mini, players hunt down the gold-filled armoured truck and liberate its precious cargo.
genre game: racing

Game added :15 марта 2004 year
game rating: 36103 points

Mobile phone game Black Jack
Game in 21с mobile phone Classic game of 21. Outplay the dealer in a game of luck and skill.
genre game: casino

Game added :14 марта 2004 year
game rating: 16943 points

Mobile phone game Zombie.
At first you were pleased to have inherited such a fine estate from your mysterious Aunt Agatha. Only when you went for your first viewing did you realise that the entire house was infested with the undead!
genre game: arcade

Game added :14 марта 2004 year
game rating: 17417 points

Mobile phone game Pipe Works
The plumber, itself in a role of the sanitary technician which is confused to construct the ramified network of pipelines. Complexity will be, that water is started already up on system, and to connect it is necessary quickly, not doubting seconds.
genre game: logic

Game added :12 марта 2004 year
game rating: 27442 points

Mobile phone game City Knights
Street fighters. Street fight between two professionals boxers comes to an end, as usually bloody defeat of the weakest or tired sportsman. A good opportunity to scratch fists. There is a support of color and a sound.
genre game: fighting

Game added :12 марта 2004 year
game rating: 39450 points

Mobile phone game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
This game already was recognized on all videoprefixes and personal computers, now she has appeared and on mobile phones. Go for a drive on a roller board, carrying out various tricks. Master a stage, etc.
genre game: sport

Game added :12 марта 2004 year
game rating: 136125 points

Mobile phone game ICQ for Mobile
Version ICQ for mobile phones. The appendix from http: //, modified and Russified Goodgulf. The best at present the ICQ-client for mobile phone! Free-of-charge, color, with complete support of Russian and with the Russian interface... So given пагер all can practically too most as desktop, add in a contact-sheet of new users, send and accept messages, all so to say on the adult
genre game: program

Game added :12 марта 2004 year
game rating: 392760 points

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