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Mobile phone game Ed Edd n Eddy
To Troy with almost identical names sugar candies try to extract guys. But sugar candies not prolazjat in a mouth and these cheerful comrades will be ridiculous ways to try to result a sweet to the comprehensible size. In itself it is very amusing, but necessary also to operate one of three guys.
genre game: arcade

Game added :22 июля 2004 year
game rating: 36440 points

Mobile phone game Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer
In the game, 32 teams take part in the biggest football competition that exists, The Gameloft Cup. Each round is faithfully reproduced with the officially selected teams, so you play the first round in your group. The game features an amazing IA to give you various game phase and a lot of surprises during the Gameloft Cup. Real soccer experience is transmitted through real actions like goalden goal, extra time, pelnaties – including a special Penalties Exhibition-, detailed animations of play phases (shoot, pass, tacle, head, spectacular shoot, etc.) and game animations (referee, players).
genre game: sport

Game added :21 июля 2004 year
game rating: 43229 points

Mobile phone game Gulos Tale
According to Mayan hieroglyphics, Akhuna – the Goddess of Vegetation – drew her power from fruit. The animals regularly brought offerings in exchange for her wisdom and the care and protection she afforded the little forest spirits.
genre game: arcade

Game added :21 июля 2004 year
game rating: 44021 points

Mobile phone game Defender
The boundless dark blue sky and uncountable enemies - here that is necessary for happiness for the present pilot. Yes not simply to the pilot, and the pilot of a fighter! Game from a series " fly and shoot ". Or, as it is fashionable for speaking, a shooter with vertical skrollirovaniem. It means, that the effect of flight is created because the screen in game is scrolled from top to down.
genre game: shooter

Game added :21 июля 2004 year
game rating: 32899 points

Mobile phone game Bikini Chix
BIKINI ChiX - a fascinating arcade in which your problem to open a picture красоток in bikini, filling in the certain site of a game field, free from the opponent. In game of 40 various levels containing 8 pictures.
genre game: erotic

Game added :20 июля 2004 year
game rating: 49331 points

Mobile phone game Frankie Jumpy
Jet ranets Francs allows to do to it such jumps, looking on which Bubka would hang with envy. And in fact, except for jumps, Francs it is necessary to break florets still.
genre game: arcade

Game added :20 июля 2004 year
game rating: 21078 points

Mobile phone game Harry Buster
If you hear Harry's name, means adventures already beside. Meet on mobilah the well-known PC-blockbaster - Harry Baster! If you did not hear about it know is very abrupt businessman, very abrupt. But on the head it has led the nephews to itself(himself) for work and they suited there such mess, that poor bankers and brokers already catch at heart.
genre game: shooter

Game added :20 июля 2004 year
game rating: 22384 points

Mobile phone game Sexy Poker 2004
So you know all there is to know about poker and all the video games based on it? Well here’s a version that’s a little more spicy that you can play anytime on your mobile: strip poker! Check out your extremely sexy opponents who’ll do anything to spice up those traditional card games, thrill you and make you experience the hottest games you’ve ever played… As you win, their perfect bodies are revealed bit by bit! Taking their inspiration from the top singers, actresses and favourites from today’s men’s magazines each one of these girls is hotter than the last, welcoming you into their world. Meet up with and undress blonde Kelly in a cocktail bar, get to know Wanda, the latino bombshell, in her luxury villa…
genre game: erotic

Game added :20 июля 2004 year
game rating: 177691 points

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