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Mobile phone game Get Jam
This java a toy - a version of a usual tetris, with that difference, that you should not twist figures on, or counter-clockwise for a choice of a successful combination, and it is necessary to adjust only them under the form and color of separately taken elements.
genre game: logic

Game added :05 марта 2007 year
game rating: 64883 points

Mobile phone game Crash Nitro Kart
This java game as you probably have already guessed, about small machines. And, people, and ANIMALS from nurseries сказочек operate them not. Such, as foxes, sheeps, dogs and hippopotamuses. In general, the purpose is obvious enough: operating автомобильчиком, it is necessary to arrive simply on finish the first. More variants are not present.
genre game: racing

Game added :05 марта 2007 year
game rating: 87811 points

Mobile phone game Burning Skies
For a top-down scrolling shooter, Burning Skies sure fails to blaze ahead of the competition. In this game, you play the role of a member of your nation’s elite fighter unit “Raptor Squadron” in defending your homeland against the massive air armada of the Terastian Empire. Your squad is then required to make a rapid pre-emptive strike against the enemy by taking the fight to their skies and as the game says make ‘em burn.
genre game: shooter

Game added :05 марта 2007 year
game rating: 88870 points

Mobile phone game Strip Black Jack Adrian
On bet in this fascinating game-casino not money, and clothes of the sexual girl distributing cards. Extend cards as it is possible more close to 21, without excess of this number.
genre game: erotic

Game added :06 февраля 2007 year
game rating: 83596 points

Mobile phone game WokWm
Climb down a mountain on a frying pan. It too it is necessary to be able.... The Most winter game of a season!
genre game: sport

Game added :06 февраля 2007 year
game rating: 38270 points

Mobile phone game Bubble Trouble
Rather attractive puzzle with excellent color grafikoj. This game combines elements of strategy and process of allocation of the ordered structures in chaos. For the some people it will be an excellent way to distract from the everyday working routine connected with opposite employment - transformation of the ordered structures into chaos:-).
genre game: logic

Game added :06 февраля 2007 year
game rating: 43073 points

Mobile phone game Rubik cube mobile
Rubik''''s Cube with many difficult levels: 2x2x2 - for childs 3x3x3 - for students 4x4x4 - for professors 5x5x5 - for aliens Also You can store your game at any time and complete it later
genre game: logic

Game added :30 ноября 2006 year
game rating: 44944 points

Mobile phone game Brother Bear
Classical computer game from firm DisneyInteractive, repeating a plot of the same cartoon film. As always disneevskaja game has prepared for you for weight of surprises, complexities, beautiful music, qualitative 3D to animation, and even it is more than fun!
genre game: arcade

Game added :28 ноября 2006 year
game rating: 83513 points

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