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Mobile phone game Ferrari Expirience
Best races as the Formula 1 but on a Ferrari
genre game: racing

Game added :12 октября 2004 year
game rating: 60785 points

Mobile phone game Air Adrenaline
Arkadnaja "letalka", demanding of the player of uncommon quickness. It is necessary to operate here plane - shturmovikom which flies somewhere above ocean and by means of bombs, rockets and aviation downs accordingly bombs, forces down and shoots carried by by island with terrorists, terrorist planes and terrorist strengthenings. But the most serious check of flight skills waits for the fighting pilot at the end of a level - it will be necessary to plant the winged machine on tiny runway
genre game: shooter

Game added :12 октября 2004 year
game rating: 27869 points

Mobile phone game Grenadier
On a wire the soldier above a tank column creeps. Also throws, throws pomegranates. The more successful hits, the less than enemy tanks will enter your native city. The main thing - in time to catch enemy tankmen and to desert to a pomegranate in the open hatch. But thus there is a chance to receive a bullet from tankmen. Алягер whom алягер. War is war.
genre game: shooter

Game added :12 октября 2004 year
game rating: 29004 points

Mobile phone game Atomic Underground
Mad races on streets of cities and snow-covered mountains, day and night - without interruption! Excellent dynamical the schedule! Be passed on a counter strip to earn more glasses!
genre game: racing

Game added :17 сентября 2004 year
game rating: 61183 points

Mobile phone game Crash N Burn
New, severe races do not know mercy - force opponents to bite elbows and to cry from powerlessness above burning machines! The essence of game directly is fastened on a money, as well as all in a real life. You start first of 24 kinds of races with small, slabenkoj the machine. To win difficultly, but it is real. And as soon as you win any place, virtual sponsors of these races list you a prize - a few virtual money. You there and then run in the most abrupt shop, fasten new details and a cursor
genre game: racing

Game added :17 сентября 2004 year
game rating: 35783 points

Mobile phone game Out Road
Mad races on the city seized by a mafia. Realistic models of machines create effect present three-dimensional schedules. Not moderately organized criminals rather potirajut - the police, as always, can make nothing paws. Well still, in fact at criminals such powerful machines and gasoline not under the coupon! As all this is familiar to us, is not that so. But wipe njuni - thank God, in the mayoralty were found kind the uncle which have signed papers on financing of new division on struggle against a mafia.
genre game: racing

Game added :17 сентября 2004 year
game rating: 42595 points

Mobile phone game Road Warrior
Rare month does without occurrence of any new version of a car racing. Road Warrior, however, not absolutely usual races in which you are attacked with other automobiles, around are torn bombs, on road is full of holes, and among all this madness you rush, wishing only one - to reach finish before time will end. Not the best for last games of the schedule, but quite good enough zadumka.
genre game: racing

Game added :17 сентября 2004 year
game rating: 26152 points

Mobile phone game Aces of 1916
Experts-pilots of 1916 were the present air knights. They threw each other calls, arranged duels and found an occasion for a joke even in a heat of the most terrible fight. You have proved the skill in air academy. And here war, and you are called. Awful fight during which 95 % of your pilots were lost. You I approach to the iron eagle, you iron the reservation and you jump in a cabin. Ahead - fight and to recede there is no place!
genre game: arcade

Game added :17 сентября 2004 year
game rating: 40983 points

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