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Mobile phone game - Air Adrenaline
Mobile games \ shooters \ Air Adrenaline game rating 26241 pt.
Arkadnaja "letalka", demanding of the player of uncommon quickness. It is necessary to operate here plane - shturmovikom which flies somewhere above ocean and by means of bombs, rockets and aviation downs accordingly bombs, forces down and shoots carried by by island with terrorists, terrorist planes and terrorist strengthenings. But the most serious check of flight skills waits for the fighting pilot at the end of a level - it will be necessary to plant the winged machine on tiny runway
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на с65 идет

и на SonyEricsson T610 идет!
name: Fred

На Siemens CX65 (SW 12, FFS 12_0251) пытается но не идёт.
name: PMichaelN

На se T630 всё фурычит.
name: flyjet

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game added: 12 октября 2004

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