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Mobile phone game - Planet Zero Nokia
Mobile games \ shooters \ Planet Zero Nokia game rating 33284 pt.
For millions of years, our sun provided life on Earth with all the energy it needed. Then, on 25 June 2019, an alien species decided to hijack this energy source for its own ends – sucking all mankind into a savage struggle for survival
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To fight back, the first stage is to confront the enemy in space, then annihilate its outpost bases. The final goal is to access the extra-terrestrials’ Mother Ship. But to get this far, you first have to visit the energy station orbiting Saturn and plunge into the depths of its pipelines. At the end of each stage, there are huge bosses – with massive stockpiles of weapons – to face and destroy! The pilots receive weapons as they progress, enabling them to direct their firepower vertically or even behind them. This capability could be crucial for success! Likewise, there are powerful bombs which might well come in handy in the toughest predicaments!

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name: Alex Systems

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game added: 29 may 2004

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